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Blogging from…. ClickerExpo 2016, Reno


I’m in Reno this weekend at ClickerExpo, one of the largest gatherings of clicker trainers and positive animal trainers. The event, which is held three times a year (twice in the States and once in Europe), is organized by Karen Pryor Clicker Training.

And, I’ve decided to try something new this year.

I’ll be sharing live updates
throughout the weekend with quotes from the conference and some of my notes and thoughts from the presentations. I might even sneak in a few pictures as well! Read more

Training concepts: What is shaping?

What is shapingWhat helps top trainers get excellent results?

They understand and use shaping.

If you’re new to dog training or clicker training, you might not be familiar with the word shaping. However, this is a really, really important training concept. The more you understand about shaping, the easier it will be for you to teach your dog new behaviors.

Shaping basically just means that you are going to use a series of steps to teach your dog to do a new behavior. By breaking the behavior into easily-achievable steps, your dog will feel successful during the training process. This will also speed up learning and reduce confusion and frustration! Most importantly, as your dog learns more and more new behaviors using shaping and positive reinforcement, he will start to enjoy learning new things and will look forward to interacting with you during training. Read more

Walkies! Fit Bites: Treat review and giveaway

I have a confession to make…I love getting to try new dog treats.

Well, I don’t actually eat them, of course!

Ginger the Brittany Spaniel dog practices leave it with Walkies treats from Crazy dogBut, I love discovering new treats and I love seeing what Ginger and my foster dogs and my clients’ dogs think of them. Because, I’m always on the quest for that one perfect training treat….

But seriously, I like getting to sample new treats because different treats work better for different situations. And some treats work better with some dogs, while other dogs prefer other treats. So, I like to always have a variety of treats in mind that I know dogs like and that I know I can recommend to my clients. Read more

New Beginnings

Nessie at Half Price Books in Plano

Welcome to my new website and blog!

My business website was previously hosted on the website “Texas Animal Training,” but after much consideration, I’ve decided that it is time for a change. I’m super excited about my new website name – DogTrainingology.

The suffix “OLOGY” means the study of something or a branch of learning. My passion is helping people learn more about dog training and, in particular, modern, science-based training methods and techniques. Understanding the science of learning and behavior can help us better understand why our pets do certain things and can lead to better communication and relationships. Read more